What is My 5 Mentors® ?

My 5 Mentors® is a comprehensive people development platform. It empowers individuals to reach their professional and personal goals through structured collaboration with up to five mentors at a time. Why only five mentors? It’s simple, our goal is to help people acquire a diverse set of differentiating skills, while building quality relationships in the process. With My 5 Mentors you’re building an advisory board, not just a network of loose connections.

Who is it for?

We created My 5 Mentors to help people grow and develop in every aspect of their lives - it's not just for career building. Whether you're a student, retiree, or in the prime of you career - we know you can benefit greatly from our platform.

We believe that the people who will thrive in tomorrow's workforce are those who actively work on becoming more adaptable and well-rounded today. With this in mind, we created an approach that encourages people to not only acquire knowledge directly related to their profession, but to also use My 5 Mentors to explore other areas of interest. What else would you like to master?

What Sparked the Idea?

The concept behind My 5 Mentors was created by Andrew Bromfield, the Founder and Chief Technology Officer behind Formative Innovations Inc. A creative + technology firm that specializes in the development of digital solutions that often play a major role in how its clients do business.

It's his passion for technology - not just as an observer, but as an active practitioner that led Andrew to conclude in late 2012 that major workforce disruption was inevitable. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and IT Automation are advancing at staggering rates, but that's not the only competition that is rapidly joining the workforce. The workforce itself has become global, which adds another layer to the competitive pressures one must overcome to enjoy stability throughout his or her career.

This may sound like it's all doom-and-gloom, but Andrew and his team believe that it's just another opportunity for people and societies to evolve. In October 2012, they set out to develop a platform that truly prepares people for this highly-competitive future. Are you ready to up your game?